Georgia Lesley Artist and Illustrator

There's the first brush stroke...and the finished work...what happens in between?

Well, I thought I would start off with one of my more intensive paintings…it is called 'The Journey of Creation'.

A number of years ago, a dear friend of mine, Alice, and I went out and took some photos. My friend was dressed in her regalia and I took lots of photos of her in different poses and locations. Our intention at the time, was to perhaps make some posters, cards or prints to have in our gallery. A beautiful gallery we owned and operated for 2 ½ years in Lytton. However, we never did do what we set out to do, but I was thrilled to have a number of photos which just called to me to be painted, and the woman in this painting is my friend Alice.

I painted the initial part of the painting…a woman bending down picking up a small rock. I knew what I wanted to do but didn't really know how to accomplish it. So I left it that way for quite a while...almost a year up on the wall in my studio. Then one day it struck me how to paint what I wanted to express, the message I wanted to portray.

I am a Bahá'í, and I had been reading about something in the Writings that absolutely intrigued me; it was the explanation about the kingdoms of creation, beginning with the mineral, then the vegetable, the animal and finally the human kingdom. And this is what I wanted to paint…my interpretation of that concept.

The Journey of Creation begins with the mineral, with its properties of cohesion, this is depicted by the small white stone that she is picking up. Then moving into the plant kingdom, which includes the properties of cohesion but now has the power of growth, thus the tomato plant, corn and flowers. Next is the animal kingdom, shown by the hummingbird, bear and other animals, which has the properties of cohesion, growth and now the senses and movement. Finally is the culmination of all the kingdoms, the human kingdom. But within the human kingdom is what none other has, that is the mind, the power of reason, imagination, abstract thought, the ability to love, and to acknowledge the reality of our Creator, the Creator of all.

So that's what I tried to convey with the circle of all those things. Though they were all in their respective 'order', I put something from each kingdom in with the others, as a way of saying that all live within each other's space and time.

So there we go, that's how that one came about from the first brush stroke to the finished painting. All my paintings don't have all that thought in them, some are just for fun and enjoyment, but there are some that just beg to be painted, and seem to patiently wait for me to just 'get it'.


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